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For Chapters

Recruitment Tools

Top 10 Recruitment Idea's

1. Candy Invitation: Hand out candy bars such as a Payday with an invitation saying, "Come join FBLA and see how to increase your PAYDAY!" Hand out invitations to all prospective members inviting them to the first meeting. 

2. Locker Signs: Place signs on lockers with candy on them. Use a catchy phrase such as "Be a STAR in FBLA" and give away starburst candies.

3. Fans: Label some hand-held plastic or paper fans with "Cool Down with FBLA." Include some information about the next local chapter meeting.

4. Icebreakers: Plan one for Local Chapter Meetings. Icebreakers not only allow members to interact at a meeting, but they make meetings fun... and having fun is important to recruiting and retaining members!

Blinded by Money: Pair everyone up and form a big circle. Give each pair two coins. One person in each pair tilts his head back and places a coin on each eyelid with eyes closed (no peeping!). Put a big container in the center of the room (i.e. garbage can). The object for each person is to dump their coins in the container, following the verbal direction of their partner. No physical guiding by the partner is allowed. If any coin is dropped, the person should pick it up and start all over again. The fun comes when all the pairs go at once, crowding around the container, blinded by money, trying to hear their partner’s directions.

5. Drawings: Have a drawing for a prize. Oftentimes businesses are willing to donate items such as movie passes, music players, etc. Registration is open to all members who have paid their dues.

6. Food: Have an informational meeting held after school. Promise members food such as a "Build Your Own Banana Split Party" but not until after you have given your presentation. Hand out invitations to all students in business classes and new middle school students. You could distribute these during homerooms or in the business classes.

7. Happenings: Give examples of what has happened in past years. Show prospective members actual pictures (via a slide show presentation) of where you have gone, what you have done, who you have met.

8. Local Member Sign-Up Form: Photocopy and hand out the local chapter member sign-up form below to recruit members. Be sure to have a spot for e-mail addresses.

9. Recruitment PowerPoint: A recruitment presentation explaining the different opportunities that FBLA offers students can be found on the recruitment section FBLA-PBL Web site under Membership.

10.One-page Flyer:  Create and hand out flyers. Highlight local, state, and national projects and activities.

Who We Are Material

Pass these sheets out to potential members who are looking to see what ME FBLA is. These are perfect to sum up what we do and stand for here.

Recruitment Video

Share this video on school TV, at meetings, and with potential students.

Recruitment Letter's

Have your current members send this out to 5 potential new members and have them come to the meeting.


Make sure to make it personable!!

Dear (insert name):

It is my pleasure to invite you to join Future Business Leaders of America! FBLA is a national association of nearly a quarter million students interested in becoming more successful in the business world.

Membership in FBLA helps you learn about business and gives you the opportunity to see the “real world” through interaction with business leaders from across the country! You will discover the secret of being able to talk confidently with prospective employers, and you will experience the chance to test your business skills in state and national competitions.

Membership will provide you with:

  • Career preparation opportunities

  • Leadership development and achievement

  • Outstanding leadership conferences

  • Challenging competitions

  • Community service experience

  • Friendship and fun

  • Informative publications

  • Networking with peers and business professionals

  • Scholarships and prizes

  • Internships

Meet and make friends with members of your own school and other schools across the country! Join in the fun and participate in local activities like pizza parties, business tours, and social activities.

Interested in joining? Fill out the attached local chapter membership application form and return it to FBLA Adviser (insert name of adviser), in room (insert room number or name).

Don’t miss out on the fun!




Chapter President

Fact Sheet's

Pass out this Fact Sheet to potential members along with the recruitment letter above. These Fact Sheets are also perfect for explaining what FBLA has to offer when seeking sponsorships, or talking to school administration. Enlarge the file to poster size and hang it up on school walls!

National Fact Sheet

Maine Fact Sheet


Krispy Kreme Fundraising

Top five reasons to choose Krispy Kreme Fundraising:

1. Profitable — 50%-60%+ profit margins

2. Fast — as little as 1 day to a week or two, start-to-finish

3. Simple — NO warehousing & FREE sales materials

4. Affordable — reasonable price points your customers will appreciate

5. Its Krispy Kreme! — a popular product makes your sales easier

Bonus Reason: you can hold a Fundraiser multiple times during the same year to raise even more dough -- unlike many fundraising products, your customers will be ready to buy again before long! Plus, repetition makes things even simpler for you.

Krispy Kreme Fundraising can be very successful whether your shop is nearby or even a good distance away (delivery may also be possible). Learn more by talking to your preferred retail shop or visiting Krispy Kreme Fundraising.

Be sure you receive all special offers & updates through our Free e-club: Join-Friends-of-Fundraising

Advisor Tools

Classroom Curriculum

Business Achievement Award

The Business Achievement Awards (BAA) is a high school leadership development program that is easy to integrate into your classroom. The cocurricular activities are aligned with the career clusters, NBEA standards, and FBLA goals.  View the alignments.

Students enhance their leadership skills, expand their business knowledge, contribute to their local communities, and earn recognition each step of the way by immersing themselves in their school, community, and FBLA programs.

Chapter advisers direct students through each level, while students work at their own pace to independently complete projects. There are four levels of the BAA, with each level increasingly challenging your high school students to expand their leadership skills and showcase their talents:

Each level builds upon previous work, and your students receive recognition when they complete each level. Students must be members of the FBLA division.

To learn more about the BAA visit the National Website

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